INTEY Handheld Metal Detector with Folding Shovel and Carry Bag IP65

This handheld metal detector with high sensitivity.It can detect various types of metal, such as coin, gold, silver Waterproof Level is IP65.The detector can work in the rain It can work in door, on sand, lawn, in soil, or even in water.The top 10 cm of


Additional Information

Press Power button to power on the unit. The green LED blinks and unit starts initialization. When the LED stops blinking and keeps lighting, the unit is ready for operation.
When the unit detects metal object, the green LED goes out, but the red LED lights. And unit starts vibrating.
Repress the Power Button to turn off the detector.

Package Contains:
1 x Handheld Metal Detector
1 x Carry Bag
1 x Folding Shovel