INTEY Kitchen Ceramic Knife Set with Sheath, 4 Pieces, Black

Unparalleled Sharpness - ceramic blade is made of high purity ultra-fine zirconia, which is the second hardest material right after diamonds. The hardness of the ceramic gives these knives a razor-sharp edge that does not require sharpening for years as w


Additional Information

Tips on how to care the ceramic knives correctly:

1. Ceramic blade is made of advanced high-tech zirconium oxide, its rigidity is second only to diamonds; but at the same time, it is more brittle, that determines the use and maintenance of these kind of knifes differing from general steel knives. Please avoid to cut/slice/dice on marble, granite, glass, tile or metal surfaces; They match with antibacterial wooden, bamboo, or plastic cutting board so well.
2. Please do not chop bones (including fish bones), or frozen food, or use it as a lever; so as not to cause ceramic knife edge collapse.
3. Please hand-wash them with water or detergent, and do not put them in the dishwasher since it may cause knife blunt and loose from the handle. However, because they don’t absorb any liquid and with just a rinse and a wipe, they are clean and ready to go again.
4. If part of the blade is polluted or dyed, soak it with kitchen bleach or baking soda before cleaning, and never wipe the blade surface with a metal cleaning scrubber.
5. If properly handled, ceramic blades rarely require honing; but should the need arise, they can only be whetted with a diamond sharpener - best to let a professional do it.
6. Please do not put the ceramic knife too close to the high temperature position or fire source.
7. Please do not crush garlic or other food on the side of the blade.
8. The blade itself is sharp and easy to cut hands should be particularly careful storage; should be careful not to make contact with children in order to avoid misuse.


FDA Approved
Material: Rubber+Ceramic
Brand: INTEY
Model: NY-K02