INTEY No Touch Digital Forehead Thermometer

Non-contact measuring gives no discomfort to sleeping baby while at the same time telling you everything you need; great for hygiene purposes too(measuring range 3-5 cm/1.2-2.0 inch) Quick and accurate reading, gives the results in seconds; stores up to


Additional Information

INTEY No Touch Digital Forehead Thermometer adopts the most advanced infrared technology, acquire the aim temperature quickly, analyze the data intelligently.

Compared to the traditional oral thermometer, mercury thermometer or a digital contact thermometer, it takes non invasive to the utmost level!

You can take temps from different people without fear of spreading sickness. Don’t have to clean them off afterwards.

It can do the temperature of a surface of a cup like a bottle for a baby to make sure that the temperature is correct for the child or the temperature of a item that is cold to make sure it’s not too cold for the baby as well.

It can also check your loved pets temp as well.

Small Tips

Buzzer can be turned on/off manually
Be sure to move hair on forehead before using
Doesn’t have any Bluetooth or app capabilities
Batteries are hidden under a second layer of packaging
Please read the user manual for more detailed information before using

Package Contents

Forehead Thermometer
2 AAA Batteries
User Manual

Please note this thermometer is MAINLY used for measuring human body's temp, surface and animal's temps are for reference to a certain extent, because environment or animal's temp deviations are bigger than the body's temp. Different measurement distance or position may cause those deviations.

Please use this item under 15-40℃/59-104℉ environmental temperature

The normal deviation is within plus or minus 0.2℃, please try to make sure to take temp almost under the same enviroment, same position and same time to avoid the quite large data deviation between 2 results.