INTEY Soldering Iron Kit with Adjustable Temperature Welding Iron 13pcs Full Set 60W 110V

ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE - Soldering can be performed and adjusted from the control knob from 200°C - 450°C SAFE AND RELIABLE - Solder sucker made from aluminum alloy and plastic material is light weighted, and has powerful suction and can quickly removes


Additional Information

<p><strong>Introduction:</strong><br/> INTEY Soldering Iron Kit desgined station is ideal for professional use. Soldering can be performed and adjusted from the control knob from 200°C - 450°C. Interchangeable iron plated tips are available to make the soldering station excellent for electronic and electric use. The PU leather carrying bag makes it handy for transporting all the units together, an amazing gift for your friends or family members who are hobbyists, DIY enthusiasts or soldering beginners.<br/><br/> <strong>Features :</strong><br/> - Professional Soldering Tool is great for lead-free soldering semiconductors<br/> - High quality long lasting ceramic type heater.<br/> - Adjustable temperature controlled soldering irons: 200-450 ° C (there is a knob wheel on the Electronic Soldering Gun for temperature adjust)<br/> - Ideal for hobbies, kits, radios, and electronics work.<br/> - Iron plated tip and stainless steel construction offer longer steel construction offer longer life.<br/><br/> <strong>Specifications:</strong><br/> Work voltage: 110V<br/> Power: 60W<br/> Temp range: 200 ~ 450℃<br/> Solder wire: 97%Sn,0.7%Cu,2.0%Flux,0.8mm dia<br/> Package Weight: 1.35 lb<br/><br/> <strong>Package include:</strong><br/> 1 x Adjustable temperature soldering iron<br/> 2 x Tweezers<br/> 1 x Solder sucker<br/> 1 x Tin wire tube<br/> 1 x Soldering holder with cleaning sponge<br/> 6 x Solder assist<br/> 1 x PU leather bag<br/></p>