INTEY OBD II Car Vehicle Code Reader Auto Diagnostic Scan Tool

Works on all 2000 and later OBD II compliant US, European and Asian vehicle. Easily determines the cause of the check engine light. Display I/M monitor readiness status.(It only works for car's engine, could not solve the airbag problem).View freeze fram


Additional Information

UPC: 701979220979

Product Function
1.Reads & clears trouble code: generic codes, pending codes , manufacturer's specific codes
2,Clear codes
3.Reads live data stream
4.Displays I/M readiness Status
5.Detects Freeze Frame Information
6.Retrieves vehicle information (VIN,CIN and CVN)

Product Features:
Built-in OBD-II DTC lookup library
Plug-and-play interface and highly reliable
Large easy-to-read backlit LCD screen
No batteries needed-powered via detachable OBDII cable.
Hand-held design.
Safely communicates with the on-board computer
Language: English,Dutch,French,German,Portuguese, Russian
Display: Back-lit, 128 × 64 pixel display with contrast adjustment
Note: This OBD only support gasoline vehicle.
Working Voltage 12 DC

Package includes:
1 x INTEY OBD II Scan tool main unit
1 x User's Manual